Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Best diet ever, guarenteed 10 pounds gone in a week!

That's right ladies, 10 pounds in one week!  The secret...getting left at the altar.  I can hear the diappointment as you all realize what you must also go through for that precious 10 pounds.  The worst part about it is, you won't lose it from where you want to, you will lose it from your boobs.  That's what was first to go for me.  Dammit.  How am I supposed to enter the dating scene after I have lost my most precious asset?  Come on...can I catch a break here?  Not to mention I did not have room to lose weight.  I have been under 100 pounds my whole life, which I am blessed for but this also means that when I lose weight, even 5 pounds, it's noticeable.  So thank you ex-fiance because I had fallen off the wagon a little bit this Summer, but thanks to you I am right back where I started with some room to spare. 

I suppose I should wrap this lunch break up and go back to work but after a conference call with 10 women who insisted on all speaking at once...I need just a little longer.  I work with all women, which is wierd but a lot of fun.  However, it can be very stressful, especially when over half are menopausal.  I never realized how much we insist on talking over each other until today.  I am going to make it a point to not do it anymore after listening to it for two hours and wanting to jab my eyes out since I could not hear what was going on anyways.  Women are also easily side tracked.  I don't care how you wash your polos ladies, just tell me what our budget is and how it affects me and my campaign, I will learn how to wash polos on my own time.  Ugh.  And I don't care where the staff outing is, I will be there just send me an email with what you all decide since the only thing anyone can agree on is that there should be alcohol involved. 

Ok, fine, I'll get back to work.

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