Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I don't know why but my mother, though I love her to the moon and back, has a way of making comments that make me want to slit my wrists.  Like tongiht.  She calls, asks what I'm doing.  "I'm watching Glee."  Which I'm totally in to and did not want to be distracted but I love my mother so I answered my phone.  She replies, "Oh.  By yourself?"  Me:  "Yup.  Just me."  Her:  "Oh ok I just thought maybe you had company."  No company mom, and until this moment I wasn't feeling bad about it but now that you mention it, yeah I am a loser.  She has also made comments like..."So what's going on with your hair today?"  Well, nothing is going on with it because I decided not to do a thing to it becuase I figured my family wouldn't care what my hair looked like.  Oh how I love you mother, you do keep things interesting for sure. 

Today just is one of those days that feels like a really awful Monday.  I'm tired and do not want to participate in life today.  I'm thinking the reason is that I really over did it this weekend....and by over did it I mean there is a bar that I can never go back to because I christened it by puking in the middle of the bar.  Did I mention that the guy I was interested in was bar tending at said bar?  Yeah.  Perfect, I'm sure he's very impressed.  The next morning I woke up to a text from a number that I did not know that says, "I think ur sooo cute but I'm worried about you, did you make it home ok?"  First thought:  who the fuck is this?  Second thought:  what did I do to seriously concern a stranger?  Third thought:  who did I give my number to?  Here is the icing on the cake though people...I went out with my BOSS that night and stayed at her house.  That's not awkward at all when your boss watches you drink entirely too much and puke in public.  Good thing she's awesome and was nice about it.  But this all comes down to one thing:  I have an excellent excuse for behaving this way.  Yes, I was left at the alter which gives me at least a year to grieve and puke in public and give random guys my number.  I'm fully taking advantage of my year pass to be a completely irresponsible 23 year old.  Suck it.

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