Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Destined to fail...but I can't help myself!

So...the nice guy?  Turns out to be pretty much perfect from what I have learned thus far.  He hates country music, loves dessert, loves Christmas, was a psyc major, plays guitar, SINGS, and do I need to go on?  He's basically the male version of me...minus the musical talent, I have absolutely  none of that.  Still have not met him, but the pictures I have seen lead me to believe he is also attractive.  We will have our first date on Satuday, when he comes to take me out for my birthday.  I'm seriously concerned.  He's so nice and perfect there's no way I won't fall for him, and I know that it is destined to fail.  He lives two hours away and we are both hurting in the finance area and there is the small detail that I usually get screwed over in relationships.  But did I mention he sings?  Ah, fuck it.  I know I'm too quick to put my heart out there but I would rather take a chance and put myself out there than to be alone forever.  Remind me I said this when I am pissed and crushed in a couple weeks. 

He says he's not into games or flings, and niether am I.  This is what freaks me out.  We are either going to get into someting serious or break it off fairly early.  So I will either be heart broken in the long run or in the near future.  Hmmm...I think I will ride out the excitement of the possibility of a relationship as long as I can.  This could be an awkward first date.  We have never met, only talked on the phone almost every day for about two weeks.  Hopefully neither one of us is disappointed in person...oh boy this could be disastrous.  I'm sure I will have great details to report after Saturday. 

If I had any common sense I would get out now before it gets too serious but...did I mention he sings?  Ahhh!  This may be what it takes for now and then I will be back at square one.  I'm takin what I can get for the moment and I'll worry about the rest later. 

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