Monday, January 3, 2011

2011 - You owe me, but I won't hold by breath.

Welcome to the new year!  Quite frankly 2010 sucked major ass.  Sure I graduated from college and got a job and that I am thankful for.  But there was a lot of suckiness in between there that I am  more than happy to leave behind and start over.  I love how a simple change of one digit in the year can make you feel like you have a fresh start and the world is at your finger tips again.  I am a pessimist by nature, but even I am excited about the new possibilities that 2011 could hold.  I am also an avid goal setter.  What are my goals for 2011?  Besides becoming famous and winning the lottery, I have decided on a few simple ways to improve my life. 

Number one:  I am going to be healthier in as many aspects as I can.  I have already joined a gym and have really been enjoying it.  I'm done with feeling like a piece of shit, I was a collegiate athlete and laziness should not be in my vocabulary.  I want to become toned and get back to being able to run competitively.  I also need to change my eating habits.  The microwave meals, fast food, and skipping meals thing has got to stop.  Now that I am working out I can tell that I am lacking on a few nutrients and I did not realize how much this was affecting my body until now.  Turns out, your hands should not shake on a daily basis, who knew? 

Number two:  My tendency to rush into things needs to be contained now that I am aware of it.  This includes all aspects of my life.  I have already failed at this with working out, I will do the elliptical for 30 minutes, run on the treadmill for a couple miles and then think oh what the hell and bike for another couple miles.  Terrible idea.  It always ends with me barely being able to walk by the time I get home.  I have realized that this is how I do everything in my life, I rush into it and try to do it all.  This includes relationships, and that is my priority for the new year:  do not rush into relationships.  I need to learn to be patient and not settle for the first thing that comes along and if something great does come along, I need to chill the fuck out and let it happen at it's own pace without me trying to figure out what is going to happen in the next five minutes, five days, or five years.  I know that part of this is my nature and I will not be able to completely get rid of it, but my hope is that I will at least think things through a little more and not be so hasty. 

And that's it.  Two goals, but I believe they are two very important goals that will present many challenges within them.  So, my hope is like that everyone else, that 2011 will bring great things into my life to make up for how much of a mother fucker 2010 was.  Only time will tell if we are all going to tortured for another year or if just maybe there will be a few breaks in the torture cycle to allow a little bit of happiness in.  As long as there are a few bits of sunshine to break up the hurricane of my life, I will be happy.  And for a pessimist, I think that is pretty optimistic :). 

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