Monday, January 17, 2011

Dude, why do you even have a blog...

So I have been thinking lately and if someone came across this blog and noticed that there are no followers the question of why I even keep this blog may cross their mind.  Well, this post should clear that right up.  I do not blog for people to follow me, if I acquire followers, great!  If not, ok.  I blog for myself.  I may not be the best writer, in fact I know I am not because I follow some pretty amazing people on here, but that is not the point for me.  My blog is for me.  Whether it is helping me process my own thoughts or helping me to laugh at myself, I do this to cope with the random ass hand life dealt me.  I have also learned a very important lesson as I have gotten older:  if you can laugh at yourself you will be much happier and considering I am incredibly clumsy and often run into a glass door or two (just happened at the gym last week, no joke) it is much easier to laugh it off than to obsess over how packed the gym was when it happened and how hard I would fucking laugh if someone did that while I was watching.  This blog is me laughing at myself via the web.   I have always been one to write when I'm upset, it helps me deal with things but that doesn't mean it interesting or exciting stuff.  It is just what comes out at the time.  So there you have it random passer by, I blog for me and if there are those who want to follow I welcome them but if not I will continue to blog anyways. 


  1. it's always nice knowing other people are reading, but i never did get the whole pimping out your blog to try to get followers thing. kudos.

  2. Welcome aboard Lovkyne! It is nice to know others are reading :).