Thursday, March 3, 2011

And the soap opera continues....

I don't know where to even start with this post.  I feel as though I am being tested at this point in my life.  There have been so many things that have happened that make me stop and have to really think to see if that actually did happen to me.  The end realization is always the same:  yes, you did get fucked over in ways that most people only see on the movies.  Awesome.  At this point it doesn't really phase me when new debacles come my way.  I expect drama to the point where if nothing happens for a couple weeks I am bracing myself just waiting for the next episode of my life to unfold.  I'm trying to stay positive with everything in me, but you can only get knocked down so many times before you throw in the towel and say fuck it.  Well, fuck it.  I'm done being hopeful.  I'm done waiting.  I'm ready for something positive to happen in my life to make everything negative worth it.  I seriously feel like I live in a soap opera and I think it's time to cancel the show.  This girl can't handle any more drama. 

And the worst is listening to people bitch about trivial things that I only wish were the least of my worries.  Newsflash:  bitching about good things in your life is fucking annoying.  Stop it.  It makes me want to slap you.  Facebook statuses about how stressed you are about planning a wedding are the worst.  You are getting married, that is supposed to be a happy thing, suck it up and be thankful.  I truly wish there was a "slap" button instead of a "like" button on Facebook.  I think I would use that one more often, a virtual slap would definitely make me feel better since I don't have the balls to slap someone in real life. 

Ok, I'm done for today. 


  1. it's possible some people get an endorphin rush every time they complain about something. that's the only thing that explains it.

  2. I think you and I are kindred spirits. Along with the "slap" button I think there needs to be a "choke" button.

  3. Lovkyne, you make a good point. That could very well explain it.

    Laynee- You just rocked my world with the "choke" button idea. Pure genius.